Monday, May 4, 2009


The path of the healer is one way to deal constantly with the issue of non-attachment. In the Buddha dharma, or teachings of the Buddha, non-attachment is the concept of not being attached, as this fuels our desire, thus causing suffering. This does not mean coldness or detachment, but, simply put, being so very present in the moment that we are not attached to our desires for the future or longings of the past. Easier said than done!

When I teach Reiki, we always discuss the Reiki Principles. The first one is: "There must be a change in consciousness for healing to occur."
This is integral to the healer's path as we are reminded that healing is synonymous with CHANGE. If a client or healee does not want change, there is not much we can do about it. Yet, when clients come, they are usually open to some level of change, some open heartedness is there as they offer their money or gift as an offering to receive healing, thus leading us to the second principle: "There must be an appropriate exchange of energy, one that honors each."

These teachings seem, for me, to be the most difficult for the ones I love the most. As we all know, it is the dearly loved ones that we are most attached to, the ones that provide the intense mirrors of our deep-seated insecurities, needs and attachments. Some healers recommend not to attempt healing for our families at all, as our own attachment and desire will get in the way of the energy flow. In my book I discuss this in reference to my husband, who I have earnestly given Reiki to over the years, in the attempt to 'heal' his knee. Although it relives the pain for a short period of time, no full healing has occurred. As we say in India, "What to do?"

Nothing. No-thing on a very deep level, that is. Deep, surrender and acceptance. We all know those words and most of us have experienced this on some level, but to really and truly do this we have to just let go. So difficult! We can revisit the times we have done this...when we fell in love, swam or walked through fear of certain surroundings, gave birth, watched someone die. These are some of the most profound moments in our life, when we let go so deeply that the little self, the ego self fell away to reveal the very vast Self that is interconnected to all things. Ironically, it is in these moments, that the most powerful healings occur!

So, in my own life, I have a current reminder to let go, to practice non-attachment and be more present with my Self and my family. With my daughter and her persistent ear clog, my husband and his chronic knee ache. I will continue to dissolve my worries about them, about my own fears; go back and attempt to revisit the pure Mind, the true Nature of Being, the ultimate Rei--Ki (Spirit Guided Energy) and, as Ram Dass says, simply, "Be Here Now."