Monday, April 13, 2009

Reiki Two Class

Last week was the Second Degree Reiki Warrior class. We opened the course with a full moon night of drumming, sacred space, journey and connecting in with our healing guides. The students asked for messages to guide them over the course of the next two days and this was a wonderful way to begin the process of receiving Reiki Two attunements and instructions.

Reiki Two is a deeper commitment to the Healing Path of Reiki. This is the time when students connect to the activation of the Reiki within their aura light body and upper chakras. Often times students feel a stronger healing energy pulsing through into their hands. They also learn how to send Reiki over both time and distance which enhances the Reiki practice greatly. This requires more sensitivity to balancing the ethical practice of healing. We always ask people when we send healing so that all of this goes for the greatest good.

During the workshop, as it rained outside for hours, we sent healing to those we love; to past or current situations that need resolving; to the Earth for increased peace and harmony. Sending to the past is always an interesting experience. When we do that it helps to resolve current tension that can result in negative karma. For example, when we send healing Reiki to a traumatic experience in our childhood, we allow that child to feel healed and whole which can result in shifts currently. This is not unlike soul healing in shamanic traditions, where we track back to a missing soul piece to help reintegrate that part of us that has left us incomplete. This also enables us to better see Time as a Spiral or non-linear reality. We are multi-dimensional beings that have the capability to experience being outside of linear time. Practicing second degree Reiki with the symbols gives us that opportunity.

We also practiced the healing chain, a technique where one healer sends Reiki and another healer, at a distance, joins by healing the first healer. This can increase the energy flow greatly and provides assistance to the healer. I recommend Reiki Two practitioners to try this out and see what happens. Often powerful healings are a result!

The students also learned interesting techniques including aura scanning, chakra balancing and how to use the Reiki symbols to clear and energize both the body and energy field. I always enjoy teaching these techniques to both new and seasoned healers as an opportunity to further explore the dance of energy that is reflected in our form, our bodies.

I am thankful to my students and the continued chance to pass along the magic that is Reiki.

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