Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Intention Circle

For the past few weeks, two friends and I have been 'meeting' each day and intending things for each other. One friend lives in Brooklyn, the other in Maryland and I in Hawaii so we are not meeting in the physical sense, but we are committing to intentions on the energetic sense. It is a powerful connection and strengthens not only our intended outcomes, by our love for each other. We are old friends, all having known each other for over a decade (creeping up on fifteen years even!) and although we have not always lived near each other, we know one another's pains and joys, loves and sorrows and by staying connected through intention it nourishes our friendship.

In Reiki and any kind of healing work such as an intention circle, we are putting ourselves into a place of compassion. We are letting energy move through us in the noble pursuit of benefiting others which is true dharma. When we are intentionally manifesting others' wishes, dreams and visions, more light and love naturally move through us. We are, in a way, more connected to the Universe and less attached because the motivation is purer, it is for others, not for ourselves. And often times these intentions do come true and manifest for each other as the natural byproduct of such an outpouring of love.

Anyone can try this. Just connect with a couple friends and tell each other your vision; what you want to manifest. Be specific! If you need a better job, state exactly what kind of job you want; if you want a partner, provide details of the kind of person you feel would be harmonious in your world. My friends and I are trading off once a week, so we concentrate on each other for a week, then switch to the next person. It's a lovely way to work with Spirit, bringing that more fully onto the physical plane.

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Crazy Hippie Yoga Mom said...

This is a wonderful idea, and something I guess I have informally practiced for a while as many of my friends have moved. Thank you for sharing.