Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Each day is a constant reminder to practice mindfulness.  Too often we are rushing about attempting to get things done, to be on time, to do, do, do... In this rush we often miss the quietness of the day that pervades; the inner silence of the heart which responds to more being and less doing.  I am again cultivating my daily meditation (ah, how it comes and goes) and finding such pleasure in the simple act of sitting on my meditation cushion for a twenty minutes or so each morning.  In that short time, many thoughts rise and fall away; sounds come and go; smells pass by my nose and disappear; pains hover then dissolve, just as Life currents flow through us and away.  We often forget how fleeting the life is as we attach to all our doing.  By sitting quietly, we remember, truly there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, really.  Of course we have a measure of energy so we do things, but by cultivating the quiet we observe within along with the realization that all things rise and fall away, we can begin to act from a place of mindfulness, rather than a place of madness, irritation, or unnecessary stress.  Just as the waves crash the shore effortlessly, just as the cloud breaks and shows us the sun, so we too can allow our creative efforts to become effortless, simpler and more mindful.  Mindfulness is a constant reminder to pay attention to each thing that unfolds in our daily life; thus we see the magick...


camilyn said...


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