Friday, March 4, 2011

Reiki Warrior Intensive

with Katalin Koda, Reiki Master and Special Guest Teacher, Adama ‘Ken’ Doumbia

This is a unique opportunity for students on the healing path to deepen and empower their current healing passion with dynamic, experienced teachers. Combining the ancient traditions of Yoga and shamanism, Katalin and Ken will be initiating students into Reiki Warrior

One and Two. Coursework incorporates African Yoga, Shamanic drum and journey work, and advanced Reiki Warrior techniques including aura scanning, chakra balancing and working with spiritual guides. The course will be held in Mr. Doumbia and his wife’s lovely home overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Because of the intensity of the course, accommodation at the home or nearby is recommended. Students who are new to Reiki must have a solid background in healing. Contact Katalin to find out if you are eligible for this course and for more details: or 808.769.7645

Course Dates: April 9 & 10, 2011
Location: 5928 Golden Gate Ave, CA 94806 located in Richmond Hills, ten minutes North of Berkeley, East Bay, Northern California
Contact: Katalin Koda at or 808.769.7645

7 AM-- 8:15 African Yoga
8:30--9:15 Breakfast
9:30--12 Reiki Initiations and Training (Reiki One, Day One; Reiki Two, Day Two)
12--1 Lunch
1:15--2 PM Shamanic Drum Journeywork
2--5 Reiki Training and Healing Practice (Tea Break 3:30-4)
6 Dinner
7:30--8:30 (Saturday night only) Nighttime Fire, Chanting & Drum

Course Cost which includes Two Day workshop,
Reiki Warrior Manuals and Certificates: $475

Non-refundable Deposit of $100 Required to Book your Space

Separate Food and Accommodation are also available to a Limited Number of Participants
Food (3 meals): $50 per day. Vegetarian meals with meat available on request.

Accommodation Options:
Shared Apartment (can fit up to four) (includes kitchenette with microwave, two burner stove, mini fridge) $65 per person/night (two singles, one or two couples)
Guest Bedroom w/half bath: $50 night (for single or couples)
Guest Bedroom: $35 night (single or couple)
Tent option: $25 night (we can provide up to two tents, no extra charge)

Katalin Koda is a passionate explorer of earth stories, women's mysteries and the mythic expression of our world. A practicing Vajrayana Buddhist, Koda also works with indigenous wisdom and shamanism in her healing practice. Her books include Sacred Path of Reiki and Fire of the Goddess (forthcoming July, 2011). She is a visionary artist, poet and dreamer and has been teaching workshops on women's wisdom and spirituality, Reiki, shamanic journey and chakra healing for over fifteen years. The author resides in Hawaii. Visit her website for more information.

Adama ‘Ken’ Doumbia is a descendant of the Nyamakala lineage of artists and shamans, belonging to the Mande people of Mali in West Africa. As a professional West African performer, Doumbia has extensive experience working with numerous schools and dance companies, teaching to students of all ages the music, dance and traditions of West Africa. Doumbia is also the co-author of The Way of the Elders: West African Spirituality & Tradition. His unique teaching of African yoga offers a harmonious blend of hatha yoga with African drum, synthesizing sacred movement with sacred rhythms. As a Reiki master and shamanic drummer, Ken employs both African and Asian healing methods in his art and spiritual work. See for more details.

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