Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reiki Healing: The Missing Link In Cancer Treatment Programs? by Guest Post Contributor, Emily Walsh

The use of Reiki as an adjunct to traditional cancer treatments has seen an increase over the past several years. Oncologists have become increasingly open-minded regarding alternative methods to help their patients during their struggle with such an unrelenting enemy.

Many cancer patients who have been diagnosed with aggressive malignancies like
mesothelioma have been fortunate to be able to employ Reiki during their chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Both patients and doctors have been astonished and encouraged about the positive effects Reiki has on those who use it.

Reiki practitioners throughout the world have been touting the benefits of hands-on-healing to the body and mind. The belief among holistic and alternative therapists and practitioners is that the mind dictates the energy that flows through the body. When the energy is in balance, the body works at its optimal level. However, if the energy is out of balance, disease is likely to take its toll on the body through various types of illnesses, especially those associated cancer or treatment side effects.

The physical benefits of Reiki for cancer patients undergoing treatment for their disease are quite promising and beneficial.
Patients report a decrease in nausea and vomiting following a Reiki session. The influx of positive energy that comes from this type of therapy also helps to stimulate the appetite. Many cancer patients have a difficult time keeping weight on during chemotherapy and radiation due to the harshness of the treatments. During such treatments, Reiki has helped to lessen the pain associated with cancer. Pain management is one of the most difficult aspects of diseases such as cancer.

As someone who has experienced first hand the devastation that cancer can wreak on a loved ones’ mental and physical state, I can attest to the fact that the benefits of complementary therapies go far beyond the physical realm. When my grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer, her oncologists were able to prescribe her a plethora of drugs to counteract the physical symptoms she was experiencing, but they were not effective in addressing the anxiety, fear, and stress that she felt as a result of her diagnosis and the uncertainty of her future. In an effort to ease her mind, she pursued Reiki and EFT as a complement to her traditional cancer treatments, and I observed a noticeable difference in her demeanor as a result. She seemed more relaxed and at peace than she had been previously, which I truly believe helped her keep up the fight against her disease longer than she may have without the assistance of these therapies.

Cancer patients who incorporate Reiki therapy into their traditional cancer treatment regimens have found many positive and sustaining benefits. Feelings of relaxation, calm, and alertness are often felt by individuals being treated with Reiki. The soothing effects of energy work help patients who may be suffering from anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbances. Reiki practitioners bring into the treatment a personal and empathetic atmosphere to an otherwise distinctly sterile environment.

While the use of Reiki therapy during cancer treatments holds many benefits for patients, one must remember that this form of alternative healing does not offer a cure for cancer. Reiki is used merely for the positive effects on the mental state of the patient. 

This article is by Emily Walsh, guest contributor.
Please view her blog at:  em-musings.blogspot.com

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